Initial Laser Alignment.

This is an initial test stand alignment routine using a laser through the test hole.


Slit reflections wired eyepiece alignment.

This is an alignment routine for the test stand. It uses the slit and a eyepiece to align the jig as it goes all the way forward to all the way back.


Aligning the SIT stand when you are testing a mirror.

This is the alignment process you do when you are actually going to do a SIT test.


Doing the SIT test in the shop.

I had an equipment failure, so I had to do this video on my cell phone. One hand on my phone and one hand doing the test really is hard, so the quality of this video is awful. Try not to get car sick watching it.


Processing the SIT with Image J, Excel and Figure XP.

This is a video showing how I process the SIT test photograph into meaningful spreadsheet and mirror profile, which is used to determine what to do to the mirror in correction, and when to quit working, and how to state the quality of the optic. The video got cut off at the end. It was going to show the mask, router and camera settings.