Algebra II     

Welcome to Mr. Baldwin’s Algebra II page. Lathrop High School’s math program has the following classes:

Basic Math Classes:       Algebra A & B               Algebra                Geometry   

Analytical Classes:        Algebra       II       Statistics        Pre-Calculus      AP Calculus AB                     AP Calculus BC

Algebra II is the beginning of analytical math classes. The expectations for rigor, conduct and intensity are higher beginning with Algebra II. The single indicator of success in college regardless of area of interest is the amount of analytical math classes a person obtains high grades in during high school. For this reason anybody who is interested in college should consider this an important class. In addition to this reason, anybody who is considering a field in engineering, medicine, science or technology, programming, design, or anything where sciences are applied [ STEM ] will need a strong background in mathematics beginning with Algebra II.


Areas covered include functions, graphs, polynomials, exponential and logarithmic functions, probability, sums, series and sequences, matrices, and many other topics. We are on Block Schedule, which means that instead of taking a 48 minute class for a full year, the class is 90 minutes long and is only 4 months long. That means that the topics covered come by twice as fast, and the homework expectations are twice as deep. Not to scare one away, but be warned that the rate at which this class progresses is a bit shocking at first. You MUST devote at least an hour each night for homework, if not more, regardless if it is assigned.


For students who are interested in technological careers, you should consider planning your schedule so that you can complete both Calculus AB and BC during or before your senior year. One way is to make sure you have scheduled yourself to take Algebra II at least by your sophomore year, setting yourself up for Pre-Calculus at least by your junior year, AP Calculus AB Fall of your senior year and AP Calculus BC Spring of your senior year. Furthermore, try to take AP Chemistry (if offered) during your Junior year so you won’t have AP Calc and AP Chem at the same time (unhappy days).

Glad to have had you visit my web site, and I’m looking forward to our mathematical experiences. If you need to call me for math help, my phone number is 594-1894. My home e-mail is My Cell/Text is (360) 640-0093. Parents, you are invited to contact me at any time for any reason. Here is an approximate schedule of our Semester.

Approximate Schedule for Spring 2020




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