Baldwin’s Big List of Math Videos

Over the years I have shown kids math problems on You Tube videos. I have a collection of them here on this list. I do them on the fly and once in a while I make incredible mistakes, but I just let them continue to exist. So you may see and hear me make outstanding stupid errors, just deal with them. If you can’t find one that helps, holler to me and I’ll possible whip another one up for you.

Non-Math Details

            How to send me PDF works:,

            If and Only If [IFF]:

Pre-Calculus and some Algebra II

            Quadratics and Polynomials:

            M&N Method:

            Completing the Square and AHK Form:

            Growth – Decay – Exponents – Logs

Rules of Logs and Exps on my web site:

            Rules of Logs:

            Beginning Logs:

            E, the base of natural logs:

            Graphing and Transforming Exps:

Graphing and Transforming Logs:

            Using Logs:

            Exponential Growth and Decay:

            Dead Body Problem:

            Radioisotope Problem:


Solving Trig Equations:

Bald Hill Problem:

Sine Sum/Difference Rule Proof:

Cosine Sum/Difference Rule Proof:

Proof of Law of Sines:

Proof: Law of Cosines:

Law of Sines Problem:

Law of Cosine Problem:

Laws of Sine and Cosine, special situation:

Conic Sections

Rotation of conic Sections in Rectangular Coordinates:


Vector Basics:

Wind Correction Angles Using the E6-B Flight Calculator:


Addition and Substitution Methods :,

Rules for Row Manipulation to Solve matrices:

Row Manipulation to solve matrices in reduce row echelon form [3 by 4]:

Row Manipulation to solve matrices in reduce row echelon form [2 by 3]:

Cross Product of Vectors:,


Inverses of Matrices:

Identity Matrices:

Multiplying Matrices [restricted here to n by m times m by n]:

Cramer’s Rule:

Sums, Series and Sequences:

Sigma Notation:

Geometric Series:

Proof of Binomial Theorem:

Infinite Geometric Series:



AP Calculus AB

            Limits and Continuity

Informal Definition of Continuity:

Formal Definition of Continuity:

            Informal Definition of Limit:


AP Calculus AB & BC

            Implicit Differentiation to find first and second derivatives:

Euler’s Method:

            L’Hopital’s Rule:

            A to the u derivatives and integrals:

AP Calculus BC